Roundtable on India - U.S. Relations


On Friday, March 3, Hudson Institute in conjunction with the Vivekananda International Foundation and the Confederation of Indian Industry, held a roundtable on India - U.S. Relations. Topics discussed included increasing the economic as well as security ties between the two countries.

Participants of the roundtable including members drawn out from both the private and public sectors from both India and the United States. Representatives of the Vivekananda International Foundation General (retd) N.C. Vij, Ambassador Kanwal Sibal, Lt Gen (retd) Ravi Sawhney, Lt Gen (retd) Davinder Kumar and Dr. Harinder Sekhon. Representatives of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) included Deputy Director General of CII, Sujith Haridas and Executive Officer, CII North America, Gargi Pawar. Representatives of Hudson Institute included President of the Hudson Institute, Kenneth Weinstein Dr. Michael Pillsbury, Eric Brown, Douglas Feith, Ambassador Husain Haqqani and Dr. Aparna Pande.

Security topics that were discussed included increased security cooperation between India and the United States in the Indian Ocean, and between India, the United States and Japan in the Pacific Ocean. The potential for increased security cooperation in both the Middle East and Central Asia, between the United States and India was also discussed. The economic topics that were discussed included looking at possible issues that currently impede trade ties between India and the United States and policies that could help remedy those issues.