Pakistan: After the Elections

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On Tuesday, August 7th, the Hudson Institute’s South and Central Asia program hosted a panel on the recent Pakistani national election, with Ambassador Husain Haqqani moderating a discussion between Professor Christine Fair and Dr. Mohammed Taqi. The panel examined the alleged pre-poll rigging, violence and judicial manipulation which preceded the election, as well as the perennial role of the military establishment in influencing civilian politics. The outcome of the election in delivering a victory, but not a parliamentary majority, to the PTI was further discussed, as was the extent to which Imran Khan will be able to effect positive change amidst both military influence, the mainstreaming of terrorist groups in politics and deep-seated structural barriers. The panelists also provided insight into the ramifications of this result on Pakistan’s future economic dealings with China and the IMF, as well as its foreign policy with regard to the US, India and Afghanistan. Watch it here