Sri Lanka – A Growing Hub in the Indo-Pacific

On March 8, the Hudson Institute’s South and Central Asia Program held a public event at which the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Prasad Kariyawasam, gave a talk on Sri Lanka’s growing economic potential and impact on the Indo-Pacific region. The event was titled “Sri Lanka – A Growing Hub in the Indo-Pacific”, and was moderated by the Hudson Institute’s Director for South and Central Asia, Ambassador Husain Haqqani. 

The event, which also included the presence of other senior officials from the Sri Lankan embassy, provided insight on a variety of topics, including Sri Lanka’s historical importance as a hub of commerce and its convenient geographical position in the Indian Ocean, making it perfectly poised to be an important element in trade transactions in the Indo-Pacific. There was also extensive discussion on Sri Lanka’s extensive strategic and economic relationships with the United States and India, and how they have evolved over the past few decades. 

Particular focus was dealt towards Sri Lanka’s current standing, having emerged from a lengthy civil war with a series of investments in its port and transportation infrastructure by states around the world. These investments, it was posited, would not only benefit trade and commerce in South Asia, but would also contribute towards the achievement of Sri Lanka’s economic and development targets for the next decade.