On Thursday August 29, Hudson Institute’s South and Central Asia program held a round-table discussion on Afghanistan with Javid Ahmad, a non-resident senior fellow at Atlantic Council. Mr. Ahmad has just returned from a trip to Kabul and provided his thoughts on Afghanistan. The round table was attended by various individuals from think tanks, press outlets, and governments.

Mr. Ahmad spent some time going into details about the now stalled negotiations with the Afghan Taliban, discussing some of the details of the draft deal the US was intended to sign with the Taliban. He pinpointed the promising and problematic parts of the agreement in principle and put forth the views and concerns of the Afghan government and the public about the deal as well its future implementation. Ahmad also discussed the upcoming elections in Afghanistan later in September and some of the potential challenges affiliated with holding the vote, such as lack of preparation by the IEC/Secretariat, general mismanagement, or an increase in insecurity, including the Taliban’s openly threatening to target the polling stations and warning the public to boycott the vote.