India-China-US: Looking Ahead

A Roundtable Discussion

In today’s world, relations between the three superpowers are more intertwined than ever. From trade partnerships to strategic alliances, all three have an important stake in the shifting nature of international relations. President Trump’s tariffs on steel imports have directly pulled China into the forefront of might culminate in a trade war, with India also being adversely impacted. China’s growing presence in the Indian Ocean Region have led to security concerns for India, who has advanced its own naval cooperation with foreign powers. Amidst China’s growing interest and investment in Pakistan - primarily in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor - there has been a resurgence in ties between the US and India based on a mutual interest in containing China’s presence in Asia. Against this backdrop of tumultuous alliances, this discussion explored some of the areas for potential cooperation and disaccord between the three superpowers and what the future can expect to hold for them.