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With a population of 1.2 billion and a median age of 24 years, for the last six decades India has rarely spent more than 3-4% of its GDP on healthcare. The Indian state lacks the capacity to tackle most of the healthcare problems and the healthcare burden on individuals is extremely high. The challenges faced by the government and public healthcare systems are: inefficient management, lack of proper infrastructure, shortage of skilled human resources, and improper allocation of monetary resources. Despite these challenges there is a general lack of awareness of the challenges India faces in this field.

Hudson Institute's India Health Initiative (IHI) aims to develop a deeper understanding of critical health issues in India and inform possible paths forward.

3 Platforms of the India Health Initiative

  • Engagement: The IHI will sponsor workshops and seminars to sensitize policymakers, academics, and leading media personalities to the critical health challenges facing India. It is hoped that this platform will help generate viable and effective policy options for addressing these challenges.
  • NetworkingOur efforts will also seek to integrate Indian experts and experts from other BRICS countries using forums such as the Asian Forum on Global Governance and the BRICS Academic Forum.
  • Media: A fully dedicated website has been created for IHI. This website will be kept up to date with the latest articles, research materials, videos, and interviews produced by the initiative.