Pak-US Foreign Policy Challenges After Osama Bin Laden

Observers are calling the US Pakistan relations to be at all times low after the finding and killing of Osama Bin laden in Pakistan by the US navy seals. Experts on Pakistan-US relations participating in a panel discussion organized by the Hudson Institute analyzed Pakistan's obsession with competing with India as the origin of most challenges faced by the two countries in their foreign policies for each other. Author of "Explaining Pakistan's Foreign Policy:Escaping India" Aparna Pande of Hudson Institute elaborated on how, she believed, Pakistan's India center ism had affected its relationships with other countries and especially those with US. Marvin Weinbaum analyzed the view point of some commentators declaring this situation to be a good opportunity for Pakistan's civilian forces to assert some positive role independent of the Pakistan's military establishment. Lisa Curtis rejected any such idea and said that this is the time that both civilian and military forces in Pakistan should come together against militants and their ideology.

Aisha Khalid