Badghis is one of the northwestern provinces with Qala-e-Naw, a small town, as its capital city. The province originally was part of Herat Province and Meymaneh Province territory. But in 1964 it was carved out of portions of the two provinces with total area of 20,591 km2. Its northern border extends to the edge of the desert of Sarakhs, Turkmenistan. It also shares border with Herat to the west, Faryab to the East, and Ghor to the south.

Badghis is irrigated by the Murghab. But it always faces water shortage and poor infrastructure and roads. Therefore, it has the least number of populations and the lowest grade of growth and development in Afghanistan.


The population of Badghis province was reported at 487,800 in the year 2014. The population of Badghis consists of 62% Tajik, 28% Pashtun, 5% Uzbek, 3% Turkmen, and 2% Baloch


Agriculture is the main source of people's income. Its agriculture is mostly rain-fed and traditional. The main agricultural products are wheat, barley, maize, peas, cumin, sesame, watermelon, melon and etc. Badghis also is the leading province in Afghanistan in pistachio production which makes millions of revenue for the government and the people associated with the occupation.

Livestock and Qaraqul types of sheep are another main source of the people. They export sheep, Qaraqul skin and wool to other provinces. Carpet weaving industry is traditional and professional industry for the hardworking residents of Badghis province. The carpets weaved in Badghis is famous in both domestic and foreign markets. However, the enterprise Shirkat Qalin Bafi Badghis (Badghis Carpet Weaving Company) only continued its activities till 1992 then forced to go to Samarqand City of Uzbekistan due to lack security and now work in the same name there.

Political Parties

The province was under control by the Taliban for many years until Northern Alliance forces retook it. But Taliban still survives in this area and conflicts with the authority frequently. Some former governors also were blamed for being in favour of Taliban.

The current Governor of the province is Jamaluddin Ishaq, appointed by central government on Oct, 2015.

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