A New U.S. Approach to Pakistan

On Friday, February 10, Hudson Institute and The Heritage Foundation hosted an event marking the release of their new report on Pakistan titled “A New U.S. Approach to Pakistan: Enforcing Aid Conditions without Cutting Ties”. The report, authored by a group of eminent U.S.-based Pakistan experts, calls for a sharper, clear-eyed U.S. policy approach toward Pakistan involving both pragmatic engagement and consequences for uncooperative behavior.


The co-chairs of the Experts Working Group on Pakistan Policy, Ambassador Husain Haqqani of Hudson Institute and Lisa Curtis of The Heritage Foundation, discussed the report’s key policy recommendations for reforming the U.S.-Pakistan relationship. The remaining members of the Experts Working Group include Christine Fair, Col (retd) John Gill, Anish Goel, Polly Nayak, Aparna Pande, Bruce Riedel, David S. Sedney and Dr. Marvin Weinbaum. Of the Experts Working Group, Christine Fair, Polly Nayak, Aparna Pande and Dr. Marvin Weinbaum were also at the event.

The report posits that the new Trump Administration must review its policies toward Pakistan in order to more effectively contain, and eventually eliminate, the terrorist threats that continue to emanate from the country. Topics discussed during the event included keeping Pakistan from turning into a global terrorist safe haven, stabilizing Afghanistan and creating an environment of engagement between Pakistan and India.